Phillip Alfarei

born 1973, Innsbruck
diving since 1991

I discoverd my love for water sports, especially diving through my work for the "Österreichische Wasserrettung". In 1991 I got the possibility to attend a diving class to become a rescue diver at the Wasserrettung and since then I never stopped educating myself at diving. That lead to some recovery and working dives. Since 1996, I´m working at Sport Spezial at Innsbruck and run the diving department.

My dives lead me through the years from the austrian lakes to the mediterranian sea, the caribbean, the andaman sea, the red sea, the irish sea, the atlantik at cabo verde, the waters around greenland, the pacific at San Diego, the coast of Kenya and to the caves of France, Italy and Austria. I breathe mixed gas at my dives since 1995 and 2001 I began to dive following the DIR philosophy. Who knows to where my legacy will lead my from now on?


  • GUE: Fundamentals, Cave 1, Tech 1
  • ANDI: Complete Safe Air Diver
  • PROTEC: Trimix Diver
  • DAN: Oxygen Provider


  • ÖWR: TL*
  • CMAS: Moniteur *