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If you would like to know what Phillip and Klaus are doing, when they are not disappearing heavily loaden with divegear into any lakes, rivers or caves ....


They became to know each other (of course) in the water. Both enthusiastic and very active members of the “Österreichische Wasserrettung” (a rescue organistion for water-accidents) in Innsbruck / Tirol, they became very soon a well rehearsed team, prticipating beside many shared dives also other activities. So you can meet both playing soccer, in deep gorges at canyoning excursions, on and in rivers at rafting and white water swimming or just having a drink together at downton Innsbruck.

Always in quest for new challenges they can already look back on numerous adventurous undertakings: a dive expedition to Greenland, a candidature for the Camel Trophy (sadly they failed the very last elimination) or a Canoe holiday at Canada are just a little selection. If you believe now, two so very busy gentleman could not have any time left for something else, you´re wrong. As well beside their adventurous undertakings you can always count on Phillip and Klaus, wheater it is a job at the Wasserrettung or just a helping hand for good friends. As likewise they are with their way to spend their spare time, as different express some characters. Especially if you submit a proposal, no matter what´s the subject – always take care for Klaus doesn´t have an empty stomach and Phillip doesn´t get a possibility to make counter-arguments. So what do we get out of all that... if you bear in mind the hints above, you can get to know both as real good friends and be pleased that they are two of that kind.!

    Christine MIKSCHL (a real good friend)