First day

What a nice view

In the week before easter we went for a week of nice wreckdiving to Medulin. We were heading for the divecenter Sharkdiving of Dabor. We were warmly welcome and in the beginning we had the divecenter for the three of us (Klaus, Stefan and me) alone, and we could broaden our equipment. for the first two dives we had a rather small boat, which was for the three of us perfect and with us the captain and the diveguide Alexander (aka Pascha).

Second day

The first dive took us to the stern part of the Rossarol at a depth of 48m. The visibility was about 15m and we had no noticeable current; the temperature was about 13 degrees. Stefan took a thorough look at the wreck, for he would do a class together with Klaus at the upcoming easter-weekend. Klaus and me took the opportunity to take some pictures with our new camera and housing. The dive itself was quite easy, because we three had the wreck on our own and we know each other very well. After one hour of divetime we went back on board and back to the divecenter.


Later, in the afternoon I went with the scooter to the bay for a short dive with the camera to take a look how the camera works together with the scooter. For the first time, I think the shots are quite good. Let´s see what the future will bring.


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Third day

The next day we did the wreck of the Draga. The position should be marked with a buy, where the shotline to the wreck was installed. But for this year we would be the first to dive this wreck at a depth of 38m. After the captain couldn´t find the position (even with GPS data), we decided to make our own shotline and make a search for the wreck. Klaus and me, we had our scooters and Stefan took the center-positon for a circle-search. We layed a spool and started to scooter our first circle. After we couldn´t find the wreck, we went back to the center to Stefan and decided to do a second circle with two knotted spools. With a diameter of about 100m we could check quite a large field, but again we couldn´t find the wreck. After about half an hour of search, we finished the dive with another 30min of deco. The shots with the camera on the scooter are quite good. For that it was o good dive, but you couldn´t call it a wreckdive!

Wrecksearch with scooter

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Fourth day

Unfortunately I had to pass the next day due to health reasons, so Stefan and Klaus went alone to the wreck of the Draga. This time they took another boat. It had the look like a quite big, but come to age fisherboat. But the core facts with radar, GPS, echo and autopilot and enough room for up to 8 fully equipped tech divers convinced even more. At this day the two of them should have more luck, than the day before. Pascha, the guide and "best man" of the divecenter found the right buy and Klaus and Stefan had a nice wreckdive.

Stefan an den Aufbauten

Fifth day

In the meantime arrived quite a few divers at the divecenter, who had booked a class with Stefan. The next trip went to the wreck of the Flamingo and all togehter 10 divers were on board. 8 doubles and 10 Stages mad a nice picture on deck. Under water it was nice to see a group of divers with their doubles and stages at the wreck having fun. The Flamingo rests at a maximum depth of 42m and is a Torpedoboat from WW1. The total length is about 30m. The wreck itself is in a relatively good condition, but not to spectacular.

Sixth day

The stern of the Draga

On saturday morning Stefan had a fever and stayed at bed. For that he couldné hold the class together with Klaus. So Klaus and I went with the students to the Draga and did the skills with them. In the afternoon we did a dive at the bay and did the stressdive with the students. During these dives we couldn´t enjoy the wreck nor the dive itself - not the candidates and even not Klaus and me.


The week passed much too fast and we had to go back home again. But the wrecks of Medulin and the divecenter Sharkdiving of Dabor will see us again for sure.