We at 3mix dive following the DIR principles. DIR is short for “Doing It Right”, and is the advancement of the “Hogarthian – Principle”. The DIR – Style is most developed by the GUE in Florida, the Global Underwater Explorers in connection with the exploration of the Woodville Karst Plain in the WKPP.

The DIR principle comprehends either the configuration of the diving equipment, the planning and execution of diving projects, the gas choice and the personal attitude of the divers. Diving following DIR means to follow the DIR principles in all aspects. You can´t only pick those parts of the DIR system you like most and try to be a DIR diver – it needs to be the whole system to make a DIR diver.

The earlier you decide to become a DIR diver in your diving carreer, the less changes in your diving conventions and your equipment you have to make and expensive misinvestments in divegear won´t accur.

A good part of the DIR principles ca be read at the webpages you will find at the links part of our hompage. Sooner or later it´s inevitably to take a DIR class to get to know how DIR diving works in real life and to learn the so called “Fundamentals” of the DIR procedures. Instructors who give classes following the strict guidlines of the GUE, and with that following the DIR system, can be found at the GUE homepage. DIR fundamentals and principles only make sense taken as an integrated whole. If you´re facing problems, you´re either only taking a part of the DIR principles or doing something wrong. DIR style is not the only possibility for diving, but it´s the most comprehensive way of diving and as well the one which is best for most different diving conditions.


Following these principles we wish you a lot of fun and always an even number of decends and ascends.