09.12.10 16:57 Age: 10 yrs

ANDI-Instructor at Helmuth Biechl

By: Klaus

Klaus finished his ANDI LSU/CSU and TSD Instructor in Geretsried at Instructor Trainer Helmuth Biechl.

From May 15th to May 18th, i stay four days in Geretsried to visit the Instructor course by Helmuth Biechl. I heard a lot of information to work as an ANDI Instructor.

It were four very interessting days and nice dives. On day two, Stefan Steuerer, visit us. He is the owner of the Diving school "Tauchschule Spezial" . I´m also working there. Stefan, already an ANDI Instructor, stay at the cours to get the latest news about teaching an ANDI cours.

Many thanks to Helmuth Biechl and the Diving school "Diveworld-Geretsried".