Configuration of a Stage

Here you can find a description how to configurate a stage (tank and regulator) and how to correctly mark it. For stagebottles only aluminium bottles are used, because they are nearly neutral in the water and easier to balance. Most common are sizes like 80 cuft or 40 cuft, but 7 liters, 10 liters or 12 liters are used as well. Like common at DIR configuration it is important not to use metal to metal connections which can´t be undone underwater to mount your stage.

Stage rigging kit (shopping list)

  • 1 stainless hoseclamp (size according to bottle diameter)
  • 1 piece tubical webbing to slide on the hoseclamp. Length according to bottle diameter. This is to avoid corrosion between the bottle (aluminium) and the hoseclamp (stainless steel).
  • 1 short piece of tubical webbing with larger diameter to slide on the buckle of the hoseclamp.
  • 1 piece cord (diameter about 4mm), length according to tank size. About 2,5 times the overall length of the bottle (excess length is needed for the knots).
  • 2 pieces ¾ inch boltsnaps made of stainless steel (also the spring)
  • 1 piece hosepipe about 30 cm (inner diameter about twice the diameter of the cord)
  • 2 pieces inner tubing (diameter according to bottle diameter) for the fixation of the regulator. One holds the regulator, the second is for redundancy. The width should be about 4 cm, the broader, the higher the strenth.


First you take the cord double. At the upper end you fix the first boltsnap with a simple knot (half hitch). The knot should hold the boltsnap about the beginning of the shoulder of the bottle. After that you slide the hosepipe on the cord.

At the end of the hosepipe you make another knot (half hitch). Then you put the second boltsnap on the cord and fix the ends of the cord with a clove hitch. The space between the clove hitch and the half hitch should be as wide as the hoseclamp. The ends of the cord are melted together to avoid loosening.

Overall length of the ready assembled rigging kit is about 55 cm for a 40 cuft bottle and about 58 cm for an 80 cuft.

If that´s too much work for you, you can buy it as a ready set at your local DIR dealer.

At last you fix the rigging kit at the bottle. You put the loop around the valve at the bottle neck, tighten it downwards and fix it with the hoseclamp

Make sure to lide the long and short tubical webbing on the hoseclamp before closing it. The first piece of inner tubing is slided over the rigging kit. The second one is below the hoseclamp as redundancy.

Marking of the stage:

Every stage is marked with the initials of the diver and the MOD (maximum operation depth) of the gas. The markings are in a position for the divepartner to read and check the MOD.

Best to use for the markings is acrylic laquer. The patterns can be bought at your local hardware store.

Stage regulator:

The stage regulator is equipped with a lp hose of about 100 cm length. The gauge has a 15 cm hp hose and is held in position with cave line (see picture).

A first stage with turnable lp ports makes hoserouting ideal. To store the regulator, you put a half loop beneath the inner tubing of the rigging kit. The second stage is held by the mouthpiece, which is fixed by the lp hose.